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Our confidence in our services stems from the satisfaction and praise of our fans and visitors who appreciate us through their testimonials and messages! Read them yourself to believe!

James D. Stirling

I am not that much into club football but have always been a fan of the Irish national team. And with the constant updates and analysis from One Team Ireland, I can finally stay in touch with all of the team’s games and progress!

Paul S. Williams

One Team Ireland doesn’t only offer accurate and up-to-date info on the national team’s exploits; it also offers a great platform to meet other passionate fans who follow international football just as much as you! Good going guys!

Boyd D. Hooper

Most football websites focus on club football and don’t really discuss international football that much. The good thing about One Team Ireland is that it focuses on the national team and discusses club football like player performance for their clubs in that respect. I totally love this website!