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How to Buy Tickets to Watch Brentford FC

Nothing beats the excitement of watching your favorite team play. For true fans, it means knowing where and how to get the best tickets on time so as not to miss even a single moment. We understand; that is why we are here to give you a few tips to get you front row tickets to watch Brentford FC, you favorite! 


Members are usually given the first priority when it comes to buying tickets for every local game in the Championship. In addition, Adult Members buy the local match tickets at   £5 lower than the regular price.

There are also special Membership packages to accommodate young fans; including Babees (0-2 year olds), Bee Team (3-10 year olds) as well as Junior Membership (11-17 year olds).

Types of Tickets for Brentford FC

Home Tickets

You can choose from the available games and book a seat to watch The Bees this season; the venue will be Griffin Park. You can get seats at Ealing Road Terrace, New Road and Braemar Road Stands. Away fans will get their seats at the Stand on Brook Road.

You can join Adult Membership online to access home Championship gains and get a £5 discount for your ticket. 

Note that the conditions and terms apply on the issue of all tickets. You need to accept the conditions and terms as well as ground rules to buy a ticket.

You can select The Bees matches available and purchase your ticket if you want to follow them during their 2016/17 tour.

It should be noted that the sale of all tickets should be as per the conditions and terms of Brentford FC and as per the conditions and terms as well as ground rules of the home /hosting FC. You should get your away tickets from the Ticket Office of Brentford FC; that is from Brentford, Griffin Park, Braemar Road and TW8 0NT.

Season Tickets

Our loyal home supporters should never worry about being overly priced for supporting their favorite football club.

All the prices for the 2016/17 Season Tickets have been frozen. Just as it was last year, Adults will pay from £419 while juniors will be charged from £115. Tickets for Young People will be priced from £269, and the age group for this has been expanded to 18-24 this year, so that more supporters will be able to come and watch their favorite FC.

Travel Tickets

Return coach Tickets for Travel will be availed to those supporters who intend to go on a trip to cheer Brentford on while they are on tour. Travel prices will be determined by the travel location. It should be noted that Tickets for Travel should be availed to fans.

Information from fans on access and ticketing

For the days that Brentford FC will be playing at the Griffin Park, Brentford FC wishes to notify its fans about how the new arrangements for entering Griffin Park have been made.

The new entry arrangements shall be available during all the games that The Bees will play during the 2014-2015 Season at the Griffin Park. Brentford FC has made a new deal with TeamCard and Advanced Ticketing to set up a a system for access control and electronic ticketing at the park.

Every ticket will be electronically viewed at every entrance since there have been installed new software and hardware for this very purpose. Supporters will no longer be able to buy their tickets at the turnstiles for whatever Griffin Park game available. Members of the club will be issued Membership Cards while the fans with Season Tickets shall be issued Season Cards by post.

Holders of Season Card must always remember that the cards will only allow them into the home fixtures of The Bees 23 Sky Bet Competition; they will not be allowed to watch pre-season friendly matches, away games or cup games.
Each card has a special barcode; they barcode will be viewed using the new electronic viewers set up after you enter the stadium.
The Club Members can purchase their tickets for individual games on the club’s ticketing website. They can add those cards to their other cards, and show them when they get to the turnstiles. 
Fans can now use Membership Cards to get into the playing field, but they will have to come with documents to show that they had purchased their terrace/ seats, since the park has now been allocated as a seating stadium.  Therefore, supporters will be required to come to the park with printed seat confirmation evidence.
Since the park is now a seating stadium, there will be no stickers printed “reserved” on the seats of Season Card owners. The fans will be required to sit on that specific seat which they purchased. 

If you do not have a Membership or Season Card, you will need to show the barcode on your ticket to be allowed to watch the game. If you purchase 2 or more tickets for a single game, the only one that will be added to your Membership Card is the club member’s ticket.



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