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Missing Out On Updates About The National Team?


Of course you are! Most of the big websites that promise news about football follow club football the best with most of their news reports, analysis and features related to club football as well. The fact that international games and international football has gone on the backburner isn’t something that should surprise you since club football is played a lot more regularly and calls upon a far larger audience as well with no restrictions of physical boundaries for their followers.

However, all this doesn’t mean that a lover of international football who wants to stay in touch with all the happenings of the national team i.e. the upcoming fixtures, the side’s international ranking, the performance of squad players for their respective clubs and their fitness status etc should suffer!

Yet, this is exactly what is happening in this day and age simply because the focus of football related sites doesn’t waiver much from club football... even during the international breaks. The only time normal football sites offer insight into international football is during a big competition like the World Cup..however, this isn’t remotely enough for a staunch follower of the national team.

The problem becomes compounded for the followers of the Irish football team simply because the stature of the Irish national team isn’t as high as some of the other international teams. Thus, in the already ignored international football section of websites, the news, reviews and analysis of Irish football team’s matches hardly ever surface! 

Moreover, TV coverage of the national side’s games isn’t that great either and thus, apart from a news flash that tells about the score line of the game, one can’t get more out of the newscaster!

One Team Ireland- A Website That Shares Your Passion!

You can consider us to be people who were as frustrated as you are currently with the non-coverage of the national team, its matches and its exploits in the international arena. It was then that we got the idea to launch our OWN website that focuses on the Irish national team, its players and its matches so that people like us get the platform to find all the news and updates about the national side at all times!

Our SOLE focus is the national side and this is why we never miss out on any news as compared to most big football sites which only publish hastily put together match reports at best!

We offer:

  • An up-to-date fixture list and an updated results section which gives all the information about the national team’s exploits.
  • The latest news and gossip about the national team, its players, its managerial staff and its administrators.
  • Exclusive interviews and match coverage with in-depth match reports and analysis.
  • Information about the fitness of national team players and their performances for their respective clubs.
  • All related videos about Ireland FC including highlight packages, news clips and fan chants.

All in all, we offer the single most passionate platform for all the lovers of Ireland FC. We are as passionate as you are about the team! Come, join us, as we put all our support behind our national we cheer their every success and moan their every loss! Let’s share our passion for Ireland FC! 



Our confidence in our services stems from the satisfaction and praise of our fans and visitors who appreciate us through their testimonials and messages! Read them yourself to believe!

James D. Stirling

I am not that much into club football but have always been a fan of the Irish national team. And with the constant updates and analysis from One Team Ireland, I can finally stay in touch with all of the team’s games and progress!

Paul S. Williams

One Team Ireland doesn’t only offer accurate and up-to-date info on the national team’s exploits; it also offers a great platform to meet other passionate fans who follow international football just as much as you! Good going guys!

Boyd D. Hooper

Most football websites focus on club football and don’t really discuss international football that much. The good thing about One Team Ireland is that it focuses on the national team and discusses club football like player performance for their clubs in that respect. I totally love this website!